Share Your Amazing Apple Setup With The World!

We are looking for inspirational Apple setups of ALL kinds to feature on DailyTekk's YouTube channel: creative, minimal, budget, themed, over-the-top, luxury, etc. — the point of this series is to show off real-world Apple setups and talk about how they are used. Every Apple user has a different lifestyle, workflow and ecosystem of accessories and we’re interested in telling the story of YOUR unique setup. If you’re a Mac, iPad, iPhone, Apple Watch, HomePod, Apple TV, CarPlay or Beats/AirPods user then this is your chance to get recognized for sharing your best ideas, tips, products and more with the world! Note: please don't feel like your setup isn't good enough or cool enough! If it's what you use then we want to see it! Please CAREFULLY read through the guidelines and suggestions below before filling out the submission form. 


To enter you’ll need to submit 8 to 15 photos of your Apple setup. Below is a list of the types of photos we're looking for (you'll be creating an IMGUR album to submit your photos... more on that a little further down the page). You'll want to submit anything and everything from the list below that applies to your setup (skipping anything that doesn't apply as long as you end up with a minimum of  8 — but no more than 15 — photos to share). If you are unsure of what kind of photos we're asking for then scroll down a little further to find some visual inspiration and examples. 

  • 1 front facing daylight photo of your desk setup.
  • If it will look cool or different, 1 night/dark photo of your desk setup (with screens and lights on, of course). 
  • 1 top-down photo of your desk setup. 
  • 1 photo showing your desk setup from the side or an alternate angle.
  • 1 wider angle photo showing your desk or mobile setup in the larger environment it's in (your office, a coffee shop, etc.).
  • Up to 5 closeups of your favorite accessories, peripherals, lights and desk toys (OR simply different angles of your desk if it’s an ultra-minimal).
  • 1 “flat lay” of all your favorite mobile, travel or every day carry accessories (top-down shot of your gear neatly arranged on a flat surface — this could be 3 items or 30; whatever fits your setup best) and try to find the cleanest or coolest background you can). 
  • 1 photo of your “tech” bag (OR a photo of your bag AND what’s inside). 
  • 1-5 photos showing off your other Apple gear (HomePod setup, AirPods, Apple TV, CarPlay setups, etc.). 


If you need some visual inspiration to spark ideas for the kind of photos we’re looking for we recommend checking out the following Instagram accounts: @isetups (for desk setups), @appleandstyle (for everyday carry and flat lays) and @workhardanywhere (for mobile and travel setups). There are also several related accounts you can find from these. 


Guidelines to follow in order to have your setup be considered for this series:

  • All photos must be WELL-LIT (do your best to prevent grainy images). 
  • All photos must be HORIZONTAL (vertical or square images will disqualify your submission). 
  • Your desk, products and/or workspace must be clean and organized. 
  • Don’t submit more than 15 photos. 
  • All submitted content must be clean and kid-friendly. 
  • The photos you submit must be YOUR OWN. 

Here are some suggestions to make your photos pop and to enhance your setup presentation:

  • Use the best camera you have (your phone camera at max settings will work great!).
  • Upload in the highest possible quality you can (our videos are shown in 4K!).
  • Consider the wallpaper(s) and/or screensavers you show — make them unique and interesting yet non-divisive. 
  • Consider using your phone’s portrait mode for accessory closeups if/when it makes sense. 
  • Consider using the rule of thirds to enhance your visual presentation. 
  • Uniqueness is encouraged. 


Upload your photos to an IMGUR album (see instructions) and submit the album link — along with the other required info — using the form below.

Link to the IMGUR album you created for this submission.
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What country are you from?
What is your job title?
Briefly describe who or what inspired or influenced your setup (person, idea, movie, theme, workflow, Instagram account, your own imagination, etc.)?
What is one underrated app that you use in your workflow or setup that you think more people should know about?
What is the one accessory in your setup that has been the biggest game changer or that has had the biggest impact on your workflow and why?
List the Apple gear shown in your submitted images including the name, model and year of each product.
List all of the accessories, gear and relevant products shown in your submitted images including the brand name and model number if applicable.
List/link any non-Apple (non-default) wallpaper or screensavers shown in your submitted photos.
Pick 1 link you'd like to share (optional).
Anything else you'd like us to know?
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