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Hello DailyTekk viewer! Want a chance to be featured on an upcoming episode of Bad Tech Jokes? If so, please send us an original Bad Tech Joke using the below form!

Steps To Submitting Your Bad Tech Joke:

  1. Record a CLEAN joke that is related to tech in some way (see Need Some Inspiration section below).

  2. Speak loudly and clearly in your video.

  3. Minimize background noise and music.

  4. Shoot your video horizontally (landscape mode).

  5. Follow this format to tell your bad joke:

    “Hey Chris, it’s YOUR FIRST NAME from YOUR CURRENT LOCATION and here’s a bad tech joke: TELL BAD TECH JOKE HERE.”

    • Example #1: “Hey Chris, it’s Mike from Chicago and here’s a bad tech joke: What do you call security guards working outside Samsung shops...? Guardians of the Galaxy!”

    • Example #2: “Hey Chris, it’s Alexis from Canada and here’s a bad tech joke: “Why does Windows come equipped with airbags? In case it crashes!”

  6. Submit your joke using the form below. NOTE: All videos should be submitted as links to an unlisted YouTube or Video video - please do not send links to Google Drive, Dropbox or other file hosting platforms. ANOTHER NOTE: Only submit your video once! All submitted videos will be considered for use and submitting the same video multiple times will not increase your chances of being featured. 

Need Some Inspiration?

Here are a few Bad Tech Jokes to get the juices flowing (followed by some tips to help you create an original Bad Tech Joke):

  • Did you hear about the scarecrow with the new tech startup? He was outstanding in his field. 

  • Why does iOS 15 need a laxative? Because it hasn’t come out yet! 

  • I asked a French man if he played video games. He said Wii. 

  • What do you get when you cross a fridge with Spotify? Cool music!

  • What do cows stream on Netflix? Graze Anatomy!

  • What snack is too small to eat? Microchips!

Creating a Bad Tech Joke is actually fairly easy. You can take a regular non-tech joke you’ve heard or found online and tweak it to make it tech related. Reminder: jokes must be clean and non-offensive!

Watch Dude Perfect tell some bad jokes for inspiration here:

Additional Info:

  • It’s all in the delivery… don’t rush it, practice and leave a small pause before delivering the punchline if necessary (also leave appropriate pauses if it’s a knock knock joke, for instance). If you can make me laugh before you even tell the joke just because of your delivery… even better!

  • You can have someone film you if you don’t want to hold the camera/phone yourself!

  • You can have another person in the video with you if you’d like (2 or 3 person joke delivery!) like: “Hey Chris, it’s Jack and Jill from London and here’s a bad tech joke…”.

  • You don’t have to film in your house - you can film somewhere interesting (or funny) like: “Hey Chris, it’s Marques and I’m at the top of the Empire State Building and here’s a bad tech joke…”.

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