Sponsorship, Review and Giveaway Policy

By providing product to DailyTekk for free or paid coverage — or by becoming a sponsor — you agree to the following terms:

  • DailyTekk will never accept money to promote a specific view of a product — we strive to ensure that all coverage is honest and do NOT accept or participate in paid review offers. 
  • Occasionally DailyTekk works with other businesses whose products or services align with our coverage. We will always disclose when a company has entered into a paid partnership with DailyTekk. 
  • Items sent for review will not be returned unless agreed upon in writing before the item or items have been sent.
  • DailyTekk does NOT offer refunds on sponsorship or other transactions and retains the right to cancel any sponsorship at any time for any reason.
  • DailyTekk retains the sole right to decide how a sponsorship will be produced and presented. Clients can request early access to sponsored videos, but DailyTekk does not, as a practice, provide videos to clients for early feedback. 
  • Sponsorships will not be redone once completed. 
  • Unless otherwise agreed upon in writing, sponsorships may be removed or unpublished by DailyTekk at any time. 
  • While we will do our best to provide you with a specific date of coverage, sponsorship dates are subject to change at DailyTekk’s sole discretion. 
  • From time to time DailyTekk will agree to an embargo with a brand/company/PR firm in order to test a product or service.
  • We do not cover companies in which the company or staff has invested in. 
  • From time to time DailyTekk will host giveaways on it’s various properties and channels. The rules for these giveaways will be posted and will be binding for all entrants. Companies or brands participating in such giveaways are not endorsed by DailyTekk.
  • While our staff strives to put forth the most accurate information possible, there may be times when we misspeak on camera or make a typo across any of our channels; in these cases, if an error is pointed out to us, we will do our best to mention or correct said error. 
  • Advertisements do not necessarily reflect the views of DailyTekk or it’s staff. 
  • Some links across DailyTekk’s various channels are marketing or affiliate links in which we make money from resulting purchases.  
  • These terms are subject to change at any time and without warning. 

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