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Sponsorship Overview

Our sponsorship program allows advertisers to reach our audience via our most popular videos: those we believe are likely to get over 100,000 lifetime views.

DailyTekk uses the sponsored mention model where we produce a 20-25 second ad (or “mention”) that plays within the first half of the video. It’s helpful to think of it like an ad on a TV show where the ad isn’t the content of the entire episode but rather a smaller piece of related content that the audience finds more tolerable (and useful) that is piggybacking off of the popularity of the show it is being featured in. You’ll get an above the fold (trackable) shortened link in the YouTube video description and we’ll promote the video via our social platforms (we have 20k+ twitter followers). 


DailyTekk is one of the fastest growing tech channels on YouTube (channel views grew more than 150% in Q1 2018) with 12.3M impressions984.4K views and 3.4M minutes of watch time for the month of April 2018. 86% of our audience is male. 66% of our audience is between the ages of 18 and 35. In terms of views, our biggst country is the United States.


    We partnered with Webroot to produce the video below titled Unbelievably Useful Mac Apps to spread the message about their software. The sponsored mention begins at the 1:43 mark. 

     Lifetime views so far (January through April 2018) for Unbelievably Useful Mac Apps, the video above which was sponsored by Webroot. 

    Lifetime views so far (January through April 2018) for Unbelievably Useful Mac Apps, the video above which was sponsored by Webroot. 


    We partnered with Chris and DailyTekk on a sponsored video for Sony Life Space UX. We found DailyTekk to be highly collaborative, responsive, and a pleasure to work with. We were happy to benefit from DailyTekk's credibility in the tech space, and their engaged audience as part of our content program for Sony. Chris and his team brought expertise, an understanding of our client's brand and product, as well as passion, creativity and production skills to the endeavor. Our partnership played a strong role in driving awareness for the Sony Life Space UX products. We look forward to working with DailyTekk again and would recommend them to any prospective client or partner. —Benjamin Kosman, Senior Strategist, Blue Fountain Media, New York, NY

    Pricing & Availability

    Sponsorships can be purchased as a single unit or as part of a bundle (and we do offer volume discounts depending on availability). Typically our inventory is booked out a couple to a few weeks in advance, but this varies by season. If you are in a hurry, we can discuss a rush fee. Please ask your contact for current pricing.

    Getting Started

    Getting started is easy. Just let your contact know that you are ready and they'll send over an invoice which, once paid, will reserve the next available slot(s).