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DailyTekk Exclusives is a members-only club that lets you get more out of your favorite tech products in exchange for supporting one of your favorite YouTube channels. Inside you'll find more of the useful, insightful and entertaining content you've come to expect from our YouTube channel in addition to several fun extras. Don't miss out: Chris and the team spend about 25% of their time creating this exclusive content!

Exclusive Videos!

Chris and the team deliver exclusive high-quality video content created just for members on the first Friday of every month in addition to the fun and useful extras listed below. Want more (and exclusive) episodes of your favorite series DailyTekk series Unbelievably Useful? You'll find them here! Want more tips, tricks, insights and cutting-edge opinion? It's all inside. Seriously, what's better than getting more of the content you love while supporting one of your favorite YouTube creators?!

More Fun Stuff

Membership also includes the following benefits:

  • No ads or sponsorships inside!
  • Exclusive articles, guides, reactions and behind the scenes content!
  • Exclusive access to the secret Instagram account (loaded with bonus content like a mini studio tour)!
  • Exclusive wallpapers! You've asked where to find them... now you know!
  • Exclusive discounts on DailyTekk merch!
  • Exclusive access to a few unlisted videos from DailyTekk's early days!
  • Exclusive access to all upcoming features and content (BIG things are coming!)

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Try DailyTekk Exclusives for FREE for 7 days! If you enjoy what you find then you're all set — the regular membership price of just $5 per month will apply when the trial ends (hey, that's just 17 cents per day). Note: this is a monthly recurring subscription and you can easily cancel at any time.