Get Featured On DailyTekk!

The DailyTekk team would love to feature your product on our YouTube channel as part of the ultra-popular series Unbelievably Useful. This series features products, services and other items that help Apple fans get the most of the tech they love while discovering new products and services that compliment their Apple-driven lifestyle. While many prestigious brands pay thousands of dollars to get featured on the channel, getting featured in the Unbelievably Useful series is an invite-only opportunity and gives select brands the ability to reach our coveted audience FOR FREE!

DailyTekk is one of the fastest growing tech channels on YouTube (channel views grew more than 150% in Q1 2018) with 12.3M impressions984.4K views and 3.4M minutes of watch time for the month of April 2018. 86% of our audience is male. 66% of our audience is between the ages of 18 and 35. In terms of views, our biggest country is the United States.

Every episode of Unbelievably Useful:

  • Is estimated to reach more than 100,000 lifetime views. 
  • Is shot in ultra-high quality 4K. 
  • Links to featured products in the video description.
  • Is promoted via DailyTekk’s social channels (our Twitter channel has more than 20k followers, for instance).

Apple fans rely on DailyTekk to act as a tastemaker to help them discover the tech products that they need to know about while filtering out the products that don’t deserve their attention. Every month we receive hundreds of emails from brands asking for free exposure on the channel and every month we turn down 99% of those requests. While DailyTekk does offer paid sponsorships, there are select opportunities to work together with certain high-quality brands whose products we believe will resonate dramatically with our audience — and that’s why we’ve reached out to you!

Each episode of Unbelievably Useful usually features 3 to 4 products. Rather than providing a full-on review of each product, Chris (our host) talks about why he likes each product and why he thinks the audience should check it out. We link to each product in the YouTube video description and each episode gets added to the Unbelievably Useful playlist.

Some, but not all, episodes contain a short paid sponsored mention (ad). 

How Many Views Will Your Product Get?

While we can't guarantee the episode your product will be featured in will get over 100,000 lifetime views that is our goal — and many videos in this series go on to get many more. Some videos get hundreds of thousands of views overnight while others can take several months to reach the first hundred thousand. To give you a better idea of how videos in this series perform, here's what a typical view profile looks like for an average episode of Unbelievably Useful in the first few months:

Screen Shot 2018-04-18 at 5.19.37 AM.png

Getting Started

In order to get started, we simply ask that you send along a product sample (along with a pre-paid return label if you'd like) to the following address:

1437 N. Denver Ave. #179
Loveland, CO 80538

Note: We typically plan for new videos in advance so it could take a couple weeks for your product to appear on the channel. 

If you’re interested in getting your product featured on DailyTekk’s Unbelievably Useful series, please respond the the team member who originally contacted you who would be more than happy to answer any questions you might have! 

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