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Hey, you're here! Awesome! Congratulations and thanks for supporting Chris and the channel!

We want to make sure that you get the most out of your DailyTekk Exclusives membership. If you haven't already, please make sure to explore and take advantage of the immediate benefits of membership. We'll post them here again just in case you missed seeing them on the welcome page after signing up.

Claim Your Immediate Benefits!

  • Access the "secret" Instagram account. Follow: chris83854 on your phone - no pictures will be posted here, just stories. We've pre-loaded the account with some awesome behind-the-scenes content like a mini studio tour and more!
  • Use your exclusive merch discount to save 15% off official DailyTekk merch in our merch shop. Coupon: "dtexclusivesvip15" (limited to 1 use).
  • Check out a few of Chris' unlisted early videos. Ya... these are no longer available to the public. Try not to laugh/cringe too hard... (but seriously, we thought it might be interesting to see how the channel started out and what things looked like while Chris was still learning to YouTube). 
    • Chris drives a Lamborghini - somehow back in the day (how?!) Chris convinced a Lamborghini dealership the channel was important enough to let him drive around a supercar. What's with that hat?!
    • Top 10 websites of 2015 - DailyTekk.com, the blog, used to be known for making epic top 100 lists. When Chris launched DailyTekk's YouTube channel he tried adapting those lists to video. Whew that's a nasally sick voice! And check out the old background!
    • Mudboarding - back when hoverboards were really taking off, Chris drove one through the mud... for who knows what reason. Curiosity? Stupidity? Oh no... not the old sunglasses... 
    • Chris builds a light cube - Back before everyone asked about the digital art frames or the swinging sticks sculpture, the most asked about product on the set was this light cube... 
    • The lost skateboard video - This video/edit was one of Chris' early favorites. Unfortunately, it never lived up to it's potentially as the company hit a snag and asked that the video be taken down. 
    • Chris goes to Florida - The first time a company flew Chris to an event to cover a product was when Swatch sent him to Florida for the launch of a new watch (and it wasn't even a smartwatch). Ya, there were some audio issues... 
    • A series that went absolutely nowhere - Cool Stuff For Guys sounded like a good idea at the time, but in reality... nobody cared. Still, a lot of stuff from this video can be seen around the current studio setup in 2018!

When To Expect New Exclusive Content

We'll be posting new exclusive content here in the members section of DailyTekk.com on the first Friday of every month (barring unforeseen circumstances) starting on May 4, 2018. 

We'll always be posting at least 1 exclusive video each month. Oftentimes we will also be posting an article, guide or some sort of behind the scenes content. 

We're Starting Small, But Expect New Features Over Time

DailyTekk Exclusives is starting small (because we have to start somewhere). As we get more and more paying members our plan is to grow our output (both free and exclusive) and to start creating new types of content that pushes the envelope in terms of creativity and usefulness. Assuming things go well, you should start seeing fun new projects emerge here in the members-only area in the coming months and years!

As we dive into this new adventure we'll be learning as we go. It's possible that there could be a few bumps along the road and we really appreciate you hanging in there with us as we figure everything out and try our best to create the most awesome member experience for our biggest fans and supporters. 

Need Help Or Want To Cancel?

If you need help please feel free to reach out to us by emailing memberships@dailytekk.com. Remember, we have a very small staff at launch so it might take us a little while to respond, but rest assured we're here to help. If for any reason you ever need to cancel, you'll be able to do so on your own without even needing to contact us by signing in and going to the Your Account area.