iPad Giveaway Details

Yes, it's true: DailyTekk is giving away 50 brand new 2018 iPads. Here's everything you need to know and answers to all of your questions.

How can I enter?

Everyone who signs up for a paid DailyTekk Exclusives membership and pays for at least 1 month of membership at the regular price of $5 per month will automatically be entered into the iPad giveaway. If you signup for the $1 trial for the first month and cancel before your membership renews at the normal price of $5 per month you will not be eligible to win. 

Which iPad model are you giving away?

We're giving away 50 brand new 2018 32 GB Wi-Fi iPads (that work with the Apple Pencil). Retail value of each iPad is $329. 

When will the winners be picked?

Winners will be chosen when DailyTekk Exclusives reaches 5,000 regular paying members (members who have stayed on past the $1 promotional trial period). It could take a week, a month or a year but that's the goal we're trying to reach with this promotion. Once it happens, the giveaway is a go!

Where can I find updates on the status of the giveaway?

We will provide updates on the status of the giveaway on the YouTube channel. 

Will there be other prizes aside from the iPads?

Yes! We're also giving away 100 DailyTekk t-shirts as part of this giveaway. 

Can I win an iPad and a t-shirt?

No. We want as many winners as possible so you can win either one or the other. 

How will the winners be selected?

We will randomly select winners from the first 5,000 entries for both the iPads and the t-shirts. Winners are subject to approval (meaning the DailyTekk staff will verify that they have entered fairly, etc.). 

Will the winners be announced?

Yes. We will post the list of winners (first names and last initials) in the description of a YouTube video announcing the end fo the giveaway. 

Is this an international giveaway?

Yes, this giveaway is not restricted to any country. 

Will there be a deadline for redemption?

Yes. Once contacted, winners will have 72 hours to respond before our staff will select a replacement winner. 

What are the chances of winning?

Assuming we reach the goal of 5,000 entries, the chances of winning an iPad will be 1 in 100 and the chances of winning a t-shirt will be 1 in 50. Note: these are much higher odds of winning than if we did a giveaway that was open to every subscriber of the YouTube channel. At the time of the giveaway announcement the channel has around 90,000 subscribers which would mean you'd have a 1 in 1,800 chance of winning 1 of 50 prizes.